Who are we?

Chris Heffernan

You may not have realised but Chris loves performing! If there is an opportunity to be dramatic, to put on a (very poorly executed) accent, or just to be over the top, he’ll take it! We always knew Chris was a big-kid at heart with his yearly Christmas treasure hunts and bonkers game nights, but he’s now taken it to the next level working (playing is probably a more accurate verb to use) as a holiday park entertainer! His excitable nature is his greatest strength on Mind the Flat as it is infectious meaning there’s little Amy and Tom can do not to see the excitement in whatever Chris is arguing for. It’s just shutting him up that’s the problem!

Amy Iles

The token Northerner of the ‘flat’ (even though she’s from THE MIDLANDS!), the self titled granny-of-the-group and the one that certainly causes the most chaos! Her eccentric sayings and quips that come out of nowhere often elicit a befuddled reaction from Chris and Tom, but they are always accompanied by a giggle! While she views herself as the ‘artsy’, ‘creative’ one of the bunch, the others are certainly glad they no longer have to live in the mess that ensues from her ‘artistic outlet’. Although it occasionally takes her some time to get her point across, her somewhat random reasoning is her greatest tactic and has seen her win a few small victories on Mind the Flat!

Tom Crowther

Tom is undoubtedly the cynic of the group and never passes up the opportunity to rubbish Chris and Amy’s more outlandish arguments. He wields sarcasm like a mighty sword (there’s surely a joke in there about a prick) which has *never, ever* caused any real life arguments, promise… He is calmly confident about the rationality of his own points, catching Amy and Chris hook, line and sinker—that is, until he oversteps the mark and makes a pompous point or breaks a debate rule! If he comes last, it’s probably because he monologued about something far too serious in an attempt to sound smart, losing points along the way.